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LGS signs new agreement on ATC training

2019 21 March,


During the World ATM Congress in Madrid Dāvids Tauriņš, Chairman of the Board of SJSC “Latvijas gaisa satiksme” (LGS), and Matts-Anders Nyberg, Senior Vice-President of Finnish air navigation company "Air Navigation Services Finland Oy” (ANS Finland), signed an agreement regarding the training of 10 air traffic controllers for LGS.


“At the moment the number of flights is rapidly increasing not only in Europe, but around the world. Last year LGS managed 9% more flights than in the previous year, and also in the first months of this year we have seen an increase in the number of fights and thus also the workload of our air traffic controllers. That is the primary reason why we need to think about training new controllers. LGS has already established successful collaboration with ANS Finland and I am certain that it will continue to be just as successful in future,” says Dāvids Tauriņš, Chairman of the Board of LGS.


Candidates who would like to train to become air traffic controllers can submit their applications until 1 May of this year. Following the candidate selection process, the training in Helsinki is set to begin in August.


During the course, LGS will provide scholarships to the controllers-in-training and cover their accommodation costs, and after the end of the training course LGS guarantees an interesting, well-paid job with full social benefits.


Candidates must hold a university diploma (at least an undergraduate degree), possess good knowledge of English and mathematics, have psychological endurance and the ability to take decisions in dynamic situations, and, of course – be interested in aviation.


In the spring of 2018 ANS Finland already won the international tender for training the first group of new ATCs for LGS. The training course began in October and currently 6 controllers are continuing their training in Helsinki, while the remaining 4 controllers will begin training in August.