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Air navigation professionals meet in Riga

2017 20 March,
On 15 March, air navigation specialists gathered in Riga, including the heads or deputy heads of air navigation service providers (ANSP) from all nine “Borealis Alliance” member states. The goal of the meeting was to discuss what has been achieved during the nearly five years of operation of “Borealis”, share the latest news and propose new initiatives. 
Māris Gorodcovs, Director of the Latvian Civil Aviation Agency, assessed the progress so far by saying: ““Borealis” has become a good example of cooperation among air navigation service providers, and this cooperation goes beyond the borders of the functional airspace blocks (FABs). Today “Borealis” is perfectly positioned to face the new challenges in the industry. Please continue your efforts in the interests of the industry.”
This was the last meeting for Olle Sundin, who, until now, was Chairman of the Board of “Borealis”. For the next two years, “Borealis” will be represented by Martin Rolfe, Head of the UK air navigation service provider NATS. His deputy will be Ásgeir Pálsson, Director of the Air Traffic Service Department at “Isavia” (Iceland). 
“Borealis Alliance” is a voluntary union of leading air navigation service providers, which includes air navigation service providers from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom. 
The "Borealis Alliance" programme "Free Route Airspace" (FRA), which is to be completed by 2021, will allow airlines and corporate aviation clients to plan and use the most cost effective, fuel- and time-efficient routes throughout the airspace controlled by “Borealis” members.   
So far, EUR 71.789 million in European funding has been allocated for the furthering of “Borealis” goals. 
In 2016, the members of FRA received a prestigious European Commission award for their input in promoting the Single European Sky initiative. 
"Borealis Alliance" is considered an excellent example of cooperation among air navigation service providers.